Gametable is a java application designed to play roleplaying games through the net.

One gamer launches the program and the other players link to its IP and from then, they share a same gaming area. It is a virtual table application, which means that the central part of the program is a gaming area where the gamemaster can represent the map where the action is taking place and where the gamemaster and the players can move tokens representing the different characters (players characters and non players characters). The program let the players (mostly the gamemaster) move the tokens on a private map, making those changes appear when he wants to unveil them. The gamemaster can also show any informations (handouts, images,...) he want to share with the players. A chat zone is located under the playing area enabling players to exchange messages. Alternately, a VoIP program can be used to replace the chat with voices communications. Dice rolls can be defined and enacted during play.

Among virtual table programs, Gametable is characterized by its simplicity and ease of use. It is very intuitive and doesn't force users to setup lots of things to use it.

Whilst playing through the net is what Gametable was intended for, it can be used in some other ways. First, it is not mandatory to use it through the internet. For face to face sessions, the usual way to play roleplaying games, it can be used as a display of the gaming area. In this case, the gamemaster add another screen to its computer where the players will be able to see what the gamemaster wants to show them. Secundly, it can be used to play skirmishes wargames or play and record positions in wargames campaigns. There are probably other uses that can be imagined by players.