This page is intended to serve as a nexus for gamers looking for other gamers that use Virtual Gaming Tables like Gametable to get their game on.

The most popular site dedicated to gamers that use Virtual Game Tables to play is called The Tangled Web and can be found at

The Tangled Web was the first site of its kind to offer players and DMs everything they needed to get an online game going with as little effort possible. They offer maps, miniatures, advice, and a Roleplaying Game Recruiting Office that always has something new showing up.

Perhaps the most useful and original idea they had was to simply give every DM who advertised for players there his or her own dedicated campaign forum. The campaign forum is an invaluable tool for keeping in contact with your gaming group atwixt sessions.

In the beginning, OpenRPG was the only worthwhile Virtual Gaming Table on the free market but, over the years, MapTool rose up from out of nowhere to provide a viable alternative. Recently, I found that Gametable is a worthy inclusion to the ranks of the top online gaming table applications and so, here you'll find me doing what I can to promote the application.

There are a few other sites that have arisen since The Tangled Web (TTW) was founded and those sites are also great places to find games when TTW isn't showing anything that interests you. I'll include the other sites that know of... if there are any more, you know what to do.

List of Online Virtual Game Table Oriented Communities

The Tangled Web - An online VGT Community

ummm... apparently the few I know of have all disappeared... ah well... such is life... The Tangled Web is still alive and kickin'!