Rolling DiceEdit

Gametable has a dice roller built into the chat function that supports basic dice rolls and has a few more advanced features.

Basic dice rollsEdit

To roll dice in the chat box, simply type "/roll" followed by the standard dice notation format. For example, to roll a single 6-sided die, you would type "/roll d6"

You can roll any number of dice with any number of sides, such as 2d6, or two 6-sided dice, 3d10, or three 10-sided dice, or even 537d512, five hundred thirty seven 512-sided dice.

Modifying basic rollsEdit

Die rolls can be modified with simple addition and subtraction of both numbers and dice, with more functions on the way.

Examples: 2d6+5, d20-3, 5d10+d6

You can also choose to select only the highest or lowest dice rolled by using either "h" for highest or "l" for lowest.

Examples: 4d6h3 = four 6-sided dice, keep the highest 3. 8d10l2 = eight 10-sided dice, keep the lowest 2.

Private rollingEdit

Dice may also be rolled privately by using the /proll command rather than the /roll command. Private rolls are not publicly displayed to other connected users but otherwise functions exactly like normally rolling dice.


Macros are a quick, easy way to store and roll frequently used dice. Anything can be rolled normally can be stored in a macro and rolled with a single click of a button. Private rolls can be made by holding the control key (CTRL) and clicking the same button.

Take care not to use special characters (e.g. umlauts, accents, norse special characters) in macro names, since this will result in corrupted macro.xml files that can't be loaded.